Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Charlotte Irrigation: Watering Your Garden

Spring has sprung and it won't be long before everyone is outside trying to get their garden in shape. If you are like most homeowners, reviewing the best gardening practices can go along way, especially when it comes to watering. In this week's blog post, our Charlotte irrigation specialists share some basic tips on watering your garden. 

Charlotte Irrigation Watering Basics

How much is too much water, and how much is too little? While water is essential for any plant, having too much or too little water can be harmful. One of the biggest things to consider is soil type. For instance, clay soil holds water best but takes a longer time to absorb it. Sandy soils absorb water quickly, but don't do a good job storing the water. Your soil should contain enough organic material to retain moisture and still allow enough room for air to reach the roots of your plants.

Here are some other factors you should consider when determining the amount of water your plants need: 
  • Sunlight - Growing areas that are exposed to direct sunlight need more water because of evaporation, and growing areas in the shade tend to store more water throughout the day. 
  • Humidity - It gets humid in the south, and that means it is harder for our plants to hold moisture. Days with higher humidity require more watering. 
  • Plant Type - Different plants have different needs. Root depths vary greatly, so try to take note of how deep the roots are for your different plants. Group plants with deeper roots together. They need more water.

Watering Techniques: Hand-Watering vs Sprinklers 

Watering with a hose or watering can are simple techniques and are common when you have a small garden area to water. The biggest drawback, however, is that people get impatient and often water less than their plants need. They also tend to waste water. 

Sprinklers do the best watering job, especially if you have densely planted vegetables or a large gardening area. Perfect for lawns and home gardens, a sprinkler system is the easiest and most effective watering method. 

To learn more about Charlotte irrigation services or to schedule your spring startup service, contact John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. We look forward to helping you produce a beautiful and healthy lawn and garden this year! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Basic Guide for Charlotte Outdoor Lighting

For as long as outdoor lighting has been in existence, homeowners have been exploring the different lighting options for their homes. Different effects, shapes and styles have come and gone, but designers still implement the same basic principals to evoke the highly desirable, "Ahhhh" factor.

These design elements are used to create attention and to transform a dull exterior into an eye-popping masterpiece. In addition to this, they also add security and safety while enhancing the usability of your home. There is no wonder why Charlotte outdoor lighting projects are more popular than ever. 

"Outdoor lighting techniques have really grown over the last decade," said John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "New technology and techniques have really enabled homeowners to do magical things with their exteriors. When outdoor lighting is applied correctly, it can have a more positive impact than any other home improvement project."

Principals of Charlotte Outdoor Lighting

When designing an outdoor lighting system, keep in mind the following key principals of outdoor lighting: 
  • Depth - Refers to how far the viewer's gaze travels as they observe a home. By using depth properly and strategically, our expert designers are able to control the viewer's gaze and primary focus. 
  • Perspective - Think of your outdoor space as a three-dimensional canvas for light. You can create visual interest from different viewpoints and angles around your home's landscape and exterior. 
  • Focal Points - During the observation experience, focal points are grab the viewers attention. They are used to guide the viewer through the landscape, step by step. 
  • Direction and Quality - Use outdoor lights to "paint" the landscape surrounding your home with various lighting intensities, directions and accents. Our designers use this to reach moods, great visual impact and to highlight your home and landscape's natural beauty. 
At Irrigation and Lighting Specialist, we've developed our own signature system of applying these design principals. We take a different approach by not only focusing on how you can use the space outside your home, but what kind of lighting delivers the absolute best accents to the landscape and beauty of your home. 

For a limited time, customers can take advantage of our early-season pricing for all Charlotte outdoor lighting projects. 

To learn more about our outdoor lighting serviced or to schedule a free consultation, please call John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 877-443-5833 or email John. We look forward to helping you get the most out of your home's exterior environment. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Charlotte's Early Spring Irrigation and Lawn Care Guide

March is here! In addition to warm(er) weather, budding plants and buzzing insects, this season also brings homeowners that want to get a jump start on their lawn care for the spring and summer months. But, before you march into your lawn and start beautifying, you'll want to read this guide for early spring Charlotte irrigation and lawn care.

"The mild temperatures and rainfall our region gets during March and April make it a great time for lawn work," said John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "But you have to be careful what you do and what you don't do. Your lawn is coming out of hibernation, and it is important that it receives the nutrients it needs to flourish all summer long."

2014 Charlotte Irrigation and Lawn Care Guide

The early bird gets the worm, this is even true when it comes to lawn care, but before you roll up your sleeves, you need to know these dos and don'ts for your lawn's early spring startup. 
  • Test Lawn's pH - You should professionally test your lawn's pH level every 2-3 years. This will let you know what minerals your lawn needs. 
  • Lime Time - Depending on your lawn's pH level, you may need to apply some lime to your lawn. March is a great time to apply lime, and it will really help your grass grow. 
  • Light Fertilization - Go light with the fertilizer during this time of the year. Save the larger doses a bit later in the season, after the initial growth rush. 
  • Raise Your Mower Blades - Don't mow your grass too short. It will grow best with your blades about two inches or higher, so keep your blades raised for your first couple of cuts. 
  • Irrigation Startup - Now is the time to get your irrigation system ready for summer. Irrigation and Lighting Specialist is currently offering early spring season pricing for many of their Charlotte irrigation services. 
  • Don't Spray for Insects Yet - Most insects life cycles don't start until after March, due to cold weather. This task can usually wait until April or May. 
"When it comes to your lawn, remember that every lawn is different, and each needs special attention to detail," said Minor. "Each lawn requires specific watering networks, which we systematically map out to fit your lawn's needs." 

By following this simple guide to early spring irrigation and lawn care, your lawn will be green and healthy all summer long. 

To learn more about our Charlotte irrigation services or to schedule your spring startup service, contact John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. We look forward to helping you produce a beautiful and healthy lawn this year! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Popular Spring Outdoor Lighting Projects in Charlotte

As the spring season arrives and the weather warms up, homeowners are becoming more active around their homes. Annual spring cleanings and landscaping projects are pulling people out of their winter hibernation and into a spring time frenzy.

During this time of year, homeowners start looking for the latest trends in home improvement projects. From decorating to gardening and painting, they are always looking for the latest style and feel of the season. One of the most popular home improvements projects of 2014 is outdoor lighting in Charlotte.
"Outdoor lighting projects are very popular for 2014," said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "Homeowners are well aware of the benefits and property value that outdoor lighting can bring to their homes, and it will be a service that is in high demand this year."

Top Four Outdoor Lighting Projects in Charlotte

Before the summer heat rolls in, here are the most popular outdoor lighting projects you should consider tackling this spring. 
  1. Deck Lighting - What's better than sitting on your deck on a nice summer day? With deck lighting, this relaxing scene doesn't have to end once the sun goes down. You can even transform your deck into an exterior dining room. 
  2. Pool Lighting - Late night dip in the pool anybody? By adding lighting to your pool area, you can create the perfect environment for entertaining and add a safety feature. The right lighting can make your pool an oasis for your summer. We even do underwater lighting! 
  3. Pathway Lighting - Light up your driveway, walkway or garden path with tasteful outdoor lighting. This can add a beautiful and subtle touch to the exterior of your home and help you navigate your landscape at night. 
  4. Security Lighting - Did you know that crime is more prevalent during the summer months than it is in the winter? Help protect your property this year with properly placed security lighting, a timer and/or motion detectors. 
"At Irrigation and Lighting Specialist, we handle a large variety of outdoor lighting projects, and we are current on all the latest styles and equipment," said Minor. "When we design outdoor lighting, we make sure it is attractive, practical and functional."

Discounted Early Season Pricing

Discounted early season pricing is currently in effect for installation of irrigation and outdoor accent lighting systems from Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. We can install new or convert existing lightings to LED lighting. This special pricing is only offered for a limited time, so give us a call today at 704-747-0235 or email John. We do the best outdoor lighting in Charlotte!