Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays from Charlotte Irrigation Company

As we approach Christmas and New Years, Irrigation and Lighting Specialist would like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" for your business and express how much we value your trust and loyalty. You and your home deserve the highest quality service at competitive prices with exceptional service, and it is our goal to deliver these things with every outdoor lighting or irrigation project we take on.

As 2013 winds down, we remain dedicated to being the Charlotte irrigation company of choice. For more than 25 years, we have had the privilege to complete some great projects for some great clients, and this year has been no different.

"This year has been a great year for us," said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "We are very proud of the work we've done and look forward to another year of exceptional irrigation and outdoor lighting services."

To learn more about how we have become a top Charlotte irrigation company, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or email John. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season filled with peace and joy!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Charlotte Irrigation Winterization for 2014 Winter

Despite the chilling weather we've already experienced, the season of winter does not officially begin until this Saturday. If Charlotte's late fall temperatures are any indication of things to come, we are in for a cold one this year.

As the thermostat continues to fall as we approach the coldest part of the year, time is running out to get a Charlotte irrigation winterization.

"If you haven't already winterized your irrigation system for the winter, now is the time to do it," said John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "The cost of winterization is relatively inexpensive when compared to the cost of freeze repairs. In other words, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." 

What Is Winterization? 

Your irrigation system is made up of underground pipes, connective plumbing, valves and sprinkler heads. When the system is running, water flows through this underground plumbing and pushes through its sprinkler heads. When the system is not running, water sits idle in the system. 

Once the ground freezes, the water inside your irrigation system will freeze. Since water expands as it freezes, your pipes can become cracked or split. 

The Charlotte irrigation winterization services offered by Irrigation and Lighting Specialist removes all of the water from your system to protect it during the winter. 

Reasons To Get Charlotte Irrigation Winterization 

Below are a few reasons why you should winterize your irrigation system this winter: 
  • Winterizing ensures your irrigation system will be ready to run in the spring. 
  • Failure to winterize may void your system's warranty. 
  • It is less expensive to winterize your system than to repair it. 
  • Freezing temperatures can cause severe damage to your system. 

"There is really no reason not to winterize your irrigation system," said Minor. "It is the best way to protect your investment, and with below-average temperatures forecasted for Charlotte this winter, your system will definitely need it to avoid damages." 

For more information about Charlotte irrigation winterization, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or email John. We look forward to helping you protect your irrigation system for the frigid winter ahead! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Professional Charlotte Christmas Light Installation

In case you haven't noticed the Christmas music, overcrowded malls or flashy TV commercials, the holiday season has officially arrived. While this time of the year is typically associated with joyous memories and bringing families together, it can also be a little hectic. Between shopping, planning family dinners and decorating, the stress of Christmas is enough to make anyone say, "Bah humbug!"

To avoid being a Scrooge this year, hire Irrigation and Lighting Specialist to handle all of your Charlotte Christmas light installation needs. From creating your design and installing your lights to maintenance and take-down, you can transform your yard into a winter wonderland without lifting a finger.

"Over the years we have helped hundreds of Charlotte homeowners with their Christmas lighting needs," said John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "Our customers love the convenience factor and our ability to create festive designs that compliment the beauty of their homes."

Reasons to Get a Professional Charlotte Christmas Light Installation

Hiring a professional to decorate your home for the holiday season may be the best present you could get yourself this year. Some of the main reasons to hire a professional include: 
  • Save Time - For most people, it takes one to two days to complete their Christmas decorating. Who has the time for that? Hire a professional and you can spend those two days doing something for yourself or completing other holiday tasks. Not to mention, you won't have to go out into this cold weather. 
  • Safety - The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that around 18,000 homeowners were treated in emergency rooms for holiday decorating falls over the last three years. The holiday season is meant to be spent around a dinner table or a Christmas tree, not in the ER. Plus, all of our installers are insured. 
  • Avoid the Hassle - If you are like most, chances are your Christmas lights weren't stored properly last year, and they are now in a huge tangled pile. It could take hours getting them operational again, and you have to make sure all the bulbs are in working order. Avoid these headaches and hire a trained professional.
  • Maintenance - Ever have a bulb go out on your Christmas display? If so, then you know how much of a pain it is to hunt down the burnt bulb and replace it. All of our services include maintenance, so if a bulb or anything else needs to be fixed, we will correct the problem promptly. 
  • Take-Down - You don't want to be the house on the block that still has its Christmas lights up on Valentine's Day, but taking them down is a devilish chore. If you hire Irrigation and Lighting Specialist, we take down all of the lights and decorations and prepare them for storage. It is one less thing you have to worry about. 
"As one of the top Charlotte Christmas light installation teams, we are able to draw from more than 26 years of experience," said Minor. "We have experience meeting all types of budgets, deadlines and decorating needs. So, instead of adding to the stress of the holiday season, leave the decorating to us." 

To learn more about our Charlotte Christmas light installation service or to schedule a free holiday decorating consolation, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or email John. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful holiday lighting display! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Save on Your Sprinkler System Winterization

If you haven't done so already, now is the time to schedule your sprinkler system winterization service. Temperatures will only continue to drop as we enter the month of December and freezing is expected to become a regular part of Charlotte's forecast.

"Charlotte homeowners should call as soon as possible to schedule their annual winterization and shut-down," said John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "We've already begun winterizing systems and the remaining appointments are filling up quickly. With our region already experiencing freezing weather and temperatures only getting colder throughout December, its more important than ever to protect your sprinkler system."

Sprinkler System Winterization Services 

The winterization process consists of removing all water from your sprinkler system and equipment. If water remains in your system, it will freeze, which causes pipes and fittings to burst, valves to crack and sprinkler and pump cases to split open. Getting a sprinkler system winterization service is the best way to avoid these costly damages. 

The professionals at Irrigation and Lighting Specialists offer sprinkler system winterization service options to ensure you're protected this winter. These cost-efficient service options include: 
  • Basic Winterization Service - $65 (Pre-Paid Pricing) - We will blow the water out of the lines and black flow to prevent cracking and bursting that is caused by freezing. This service is offered between now and January 5.
  • Winterization/Spring Start-Up Service - $135 (Pre-Paid Pricing) - This is service option provides our customers with the best value. We will perform our winterization service by shutting down your system for the winter, and we'll reopen it during the spring.
Additional services we provide at a discounted rate during the winter include: 
  • System Upgrades, Repairs and Renovations 
  • Smart Controller/PRS Heads
  • Fertigation Irrigation System 
  • Landscape Accent Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting
"If you are looking for some real savings after Thanksgiving, look no further. We offer a variety of valuable irrigation services to the homeowners of Charlotte," said Minor. "Our prices are very competitive, and our maintenance services will save you even more money when compared to the repair costs you will avoid."

To learn more about our irrigation services, like our sprinkler system winterization service, please call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or email John. We look forward to handling all of your irrigation and outdoor lighting needs! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Charlotte Irrigation Winterization Company

As Charlotte's number one choice for irrigation services and outdoor lighting installations, Irrigation and Lighting Specialist would like to wish all of our clients a happy Thanksgiving! We hope that everyone has a safe holiday weekend and enjoys this special holiday.

So far this year, we have a lot to be thankful for. We continue to be one of the top Charlotte irrigation and outdoor lighting companies and could not be more thrilled to be part of our vibrant community. Trusting us with something as important as irrigation winterizations, irrigation installations and outdoor lighting installations is something we appreciate and take seriously. 

"For almost 30 years, our team has worked hard every day to provide our clients with the highest quality work and customer service," said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "As a result to our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of Charlotte's most trusted irrigation companies, and we will continue to raise the bar on our services." 

Our Thanksgiving Thanks! 

During this time of year, it is customary to give thanks to what you're grateful for. At Irrigation and Lighting Specialist, we are most thankful for our loyal customers. So much of our success depends on their support, and it has been a great pleasure to serve all of them. Over the years, we have gotten to know some great Charlotte homeowners, and it is very rewarding helping them meet their home improvement needs. 

Secondly, we are very grateful for the excellent work that the Irrigation and Lighting Specialist team continues to deliver. So far this year, we have finished some really impressive irrigation and lighting projects, and we expect a lot more coming up. 

"Our team is second to none," said Minor. "They really take pride in the quality of their work, and the results are happy customers and fantastic projects. We continue to amaze customers with our hard work and dedication."

To learn more about Irrigation and Lighting Specialist or our services like irrigation winterization, call John Minor at 704-747-0235 or email us. We look forward to being Charlotte's continued choice for high quality irrigation and lighting projects!

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Best Charlotte Christmas Light Displays

Charlotte is a great place to spend the Christmas season. In addition to all the shopping centers, parades and performances, Charlotte Christmas light displays are known as some of the best in the nation. People from all over the country come to experience our blend of beauty and enchantment.

As the region's premier holiday lighting company, Irrigation and Lighting Specialist has compiled this list of the best Charlotte Christmas light displays. If you are looking for something fun and festive to do this holiday season, these light displays should do the trick during the holiday season.

Christmas Town U.S.A. 

Just west of the Charlotte city limits, the Christmas spirit comes alive in the small town of McAdenville, also known as Christmas Town U.S.A. With a population of 700 residents, the town's elaborate holiday lighting displays attract 600,000 visitors annually - and for good reason. Both Yahoo! and Time Magazine call this one of the best displays in the country. Get a taste of the experience in the video below, and then go see it for yourself.

The lights will glow every night from December 2 to December 26. The suggested tour hours are Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 5:30 to 11 p.m. 

Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

Located in Southwest Charlotte, the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens presents the Holiday Lights at The Garden display every year. The natural beauty of the garden and the festive combination of over a half-million lights is truly something to behold. The garden also features a breathtaking Christmas tree with hundreds of orchids, live entertainment, carriage rides and a visit from Santa in a room designed to capture the essence of Christmas morning.

Tickets for adults are $12 and $6 for children.

Charlotte Motor Speedway 

What is traditionally used for roaring motors and screaming NASCAR fans becomes one of the largest holiday light shows in the region. Speedway Christmas and the Boulevard of Lights at the Charlotte Motor Speedway have more than three million lights and over 800 festive features throughout the three-mile drive-through display. All of the lights are synced to Christmas music that is delivered to your vehicle through the radio. To add a little excitement to your evening, you even get to take your vehicle around turns three and four of the race track at the end.

The infield is home to the Christmas Village. Inside you can find more family events like ice skating, a live nativity scene, a petting zoo and an arts and crafts section.

The light show is open daily from November 23 to December 30 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Admission is $20 per vehicle.

If you are looking for something to get you and your family in the Christmas spirit, these Charlotte Christmas light displays will be sure to spread Christmas cheer!

After you've been inspired by these magical Christmas displays, call Irrigation and Lighting Specialist for all your holiday lighting installation needs. To learn more or to schedule a free holiday decorating consultation, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or email John. We look forward to adding your home to the list of great light displays in Charlotte! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Charlotte Christmas Light Installation: LED Lighting

If you've been inside a retail store lately, you know that the holiday season is well on its way. With Thanksgiving two weeks away and Christmas only six weeks away, it is only a matter of time before Santa makes his way down your chimney.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is a good time to start making plans for your Charlotte Christmas light installation. One of the first things you need to do is decide which type of holiday lighting to use.

"There are a lot of different designs, colors and types of holiday lighting," said John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "When considering which is best for you, don't pass up on LED lights. If you don't already use LED string lights, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon."

Reasons for Charlotte Christmas LED Light Installation 

LED lighting is the latest trend in Christmas lighting, and it is not hard to see why. They carry a lot of advantages over traditional lights and have quickly become a favorite choice of Charlotte homeowners. Here are a few reasons why you should consider LED lighting for your Charlotte Christmas light installation. 
  • Energy Efficient - LED bulbs are up to 90 percent more efficient that traditional incandescent bulbs. By using 84 percent less energy, you won't have to spend a fortune on your power bill. 
  • Affordability - In addition to the savings on your power bill, the price of LED lights are around the same as incandescent lights. Many also come with a rebate. 
  • Longevity - LED string lights have a life of 35,000-50,000 hours, compared to only 2,000 hours for incandescent lights. In other words, LED lights will last 40 holiday season longer than traditional lights. 
  • Safety - LED lights do not give off heat, which means you won't have to worry about them starting a fire. 
  • Durability - In addition to their longevity, LED lights are also durable. The bulbs are made out of a thick epoxy casing that's nearly impossible to break. 
  • No Burnt Bulbs - Instead of the filament used in traditional bulbs, LED lights use light-emtting diodes that don't burn out. So you don't have to spend your entire afternoon hunting one burnt bulb that made your entire string of lights useless. 
"We plan to install a lot of LED lights this year," said Minor. "If you don't already have them, don't worry. We provide you with all the necessary lights you need during our Charlotte Christmas light installation service."

To learn more about our Charlotte Christmas light installation service or to schedule a free holiday decorating consolation, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or 803-831-0506 or email John. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful and sensible holiday lighting display!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Don't Forget Your Charlotte Irrigation Winterization

As we enter into the month of November, it is hard to ignore the extra nip in the air. According to local forecasters, the Charlotte region will experience lows in the 30's this week, and cold fronts will be making their way up the east coast. If you haven't prepared for winter, now is a good time to do it because the cold temperatures are here to stay.

Part of preparing your home for the winter includes Charlotte irrigation winterization. Just like you would prepare other features of your home for the cold weather, your irrigation system should also be included.

"Charlotte homeowners should schedule their winterization services as soon as possible," said John Minor of Irrigation & Lighting Specialist. "Temperatures have already dropped below freezing, and it will only continue to get colder. It is very important to get your system winterized because it is the best way to protect it from damage."

Charlotte Irrigation Winterization Reminder

If you haven't noticed, the Charlotte region is full of transplants from other states. One of the main reasons people have been flocking to Charlotte is because of the nice weather we enjoy, especially compared to the harsh conditions in the northeast. 

While it is true that we experience mild winters, there is still a need for irrigation winterization. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration states that Charlotte averages around 2.1 inches of snow each year. This many not sound like blizzard conditions, but it does mean that temperatures are low enough to damage your irrigation system if you avoid winterization. 

When temperatures are below freezing, it causes the remaining water in your pipes and sprinkler heads to freeze. As the water freezes, it expands and causes essential parts to your irrigation system to crack and spilt. This damage can be costly and will prevent your system from working properly in the spring. 

"Charlotte may have great weather, but don't think that there isn't a need for winterization," said Minor. "Winterization is far cheaper than irrigation repairs, and we don't want people to find that out the hard way. Call to schedule a winterization appointment now and avoid bigger problems in the future." 

For more information about our Charlotte irrigation winterization services or to schedule an appointment, call John Minor with Irrigation Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or 803-831-0506 or email John. We look forward to protecting your irrigation system from Jack Frost this winter! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Charlotte Holiday Lighting: Lessons From Clark Griswold

With Christmas less than two months away, homeowners are starting to gear up for their Charlotte holiday lighting projects. This means several trips to the dusty attic, countless hours of untangling strands of lights, checking bulbs and a long weekend on the ladder. There is nothing like a house that is beautifully decorated for the Christmas season, but putting it all together can be a pain.

As Charlotte's top holiday lighting company, Irrigation and Lighting Specialist can help take the stress out of your holiday season with our decorating service. Our holiday lighting team specializes in creating festive designs that will compliment the exterior of your house and spread Christmas cheer. From Christmas lights to lawn ornaments, we take care of everything.

Charlotte Christmas Lighting Vacation

If you have ever seen any of the National Lampoon Vacation movies, then you are familiar with the Griswold family and their goofy world of mishaps and shenanigans. In the 1989 installment of the series, Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase, decides to host his family for the holidays in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

While Clark is hoping for a nice vacation at home with his family, we soon see that he has bitten off more than he can chew, especially when it comes to Christmas lights. Below, we explore some hilarious mistakes made by Clark in his attempt to create a memorable holiday light show. 

A Tangled Mess

Clark starts his holiday lighting adventure by unloading  and sorting through several boxes of extremely tangled lights. By the looks of it, his lights were just thrown into the box the previous year. 

To avoid a tangled mess, be sure to be carefully package your lights at the end of the season. It will pay off when you have to get them out next year. Irrigation Lighting Specialist takes down all your lights and decorations, wraps them up and safely prepares them for storage.

Dangers of a Staple Gun and Ladder

In the next part of Clark's holiday lighting project, he finds that hanging lights is harder and more hazardous than he thought. After stapling his entire sleeve to the house, he nearly tips the ladder over and falls.

This is just a movie. In real life, Mr. Griswold would be visiting the emergency room. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that around 18,000 individuals received medical care for holiday decorating falls. Don't hurt yourself, let the experts at Irrigation and Lighting Specialist handle the entire installation process.


After installing 25,000 Italian-imported twinkle lights, Clark calls the entire family onto the lawn to debut the fruits of his labor. After a family drumroll, Clark hits the switch to find that none of the lights work. He checks every bulb and still can't find the problem. We find out later that the outlet switch wasn't turned on.

When you hire Irrigation and Lighting Specialist for your holiday decorating needs, you can count on your lights working. We check all the bulbs for you and complete any maintenance to ensure you don't leave your audience disappointed.

Professional Design and Safety 

After a long and frustrating battle with his Christmas lights, Clark finally gets his display to work. But, as you can see in the video clip above, there are several things wrong with the Griswold Christmas abode.

In addition to the surge protecter at the back of the house, the electrical socket in the garage is far too overloaded. This is a huge fire hazard and can send your Christmas spirit to a screaming halt. When we install your holiday decorations, we always follow the strictest safety guidelines to guarantee the safety of you and your home.

Second of all, the lighting design is obtrusive. In comedic fashion, Clark goes a little overboard with the lights - so much that it blinds his neighbors. It may seem funny, but this actually happens. Novice Christmas light decorators end up creating something that is more offensive than pretty. Our lighting experts have years of experience and can create tasteful lighting scheme you'll love.

To learn more about our Charlotte holiday lighting service or to schedule a free holiday decorating consolation, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or 803-831-0506 or email John. When it comes to your holiday decorating, don't pull a Clark Griswold. Hire a professional! 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Is Time Running Out for Charlotte Irrigation Winterization?

According to local weather reports, the Charlotte area will experience their first taste of freezing temperatures this weekend. Highs will be in the 50's, and lows are expected to reach well into the lower 30's - which is cold enough to cause the ground to freeze.

As a leading provider of Charlotte irrigation winterization, Irrigation Lighting Specialist is often asked whether an irrigation system is vulnerable to freezing before it has been properly winterized. While there is a potential danger, the chances of your irrigation system experiencing major damages is less than it would be during the winter months, when freezing temperatures are daily.

"In Charlotte, it is common to have a few frosts before the winter months officially start," said John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "When these frosts do occur, there is a chance that water can become frozen inside your system and cause damage. However, it is less likely to cause significant damage because these drops in temperatures are usually quick and followed by warmer conditions. These quick changes prevent the ground from freezing deep enough to affect your system drastically."

Time is Ticking for Charlotte Irrigation Winterization 

The Charlotte region may not have reached the season where freezing temperatures are a daily occurrence, but it won't be long before the season hits. We suggested scheduling your annual winterization as soon as possible. Waiting until it is too late can prove costly, especially when compared to the cost of properly winterizing the system. 

To properly winterize your irrigation system, all water from your pipes and equipment must be removed. When water freezes inside your system, it will cause pipes and fittings to burst, valves to crack and sprinkler and pump cases to split open - leaving you with a lot of repairs when spring arrives. 

"Charlotte homeowners should call us as soon as possible to schedule their annual winterization," said Minor. "We've already begun winterizing systems, and the remaining appointments are filling up fast. With temperatures already freezing, it is essential to protect your irrigation system." 

For more information about our Charlotte irrigation winterization services or to schedule an appointment, call John Minor with Irrigation Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or 803-831-0506 or email John. We look forward to protecting the integrity of your irrigation system with our winterization services!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Charlotte Irrigation Winterization is Essential

You may want to invest in a thick coat because this winter is going to be bitterly cold. According to the Farmers' Almanac, Charlotte will have above-average snowfall and colder temperatures this year. With the thermometer expected to drop into the 40's by the end of the month, now is the time to start preparing for Jack Frost.

Depending on your home, preparing it for the winter may include cleaning the chimney, reversing your ceiling fans, insulating windows and covering your pipes. But, if you have an irrigation system, it is important to add Charlotte irrigation winterization to your list of things to do.

"Winterizing your irrigation system is a must this year, especially with the freezing weather our area is expected to have," said John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "Your irrigation system is just like any other feature in your home, it is an investment and needs to be taken care of. Winterizing your irrigation system extends its life and helps you avoid irrigation repairs in the spring."

Irrigation Winterization Basics

When preparing your irrigation system for the winter, it is important that it is done correctly. A properly winterized irrigation system will help you avoid damages and ensures your system is ready to operate come spring. 

The winterization process consists of expelling all of the water from your irrigation system and equipment. This is necessary because water freezing in your irrigation system can create a lot of damages.

Mot substances get smaller as they get cold, but not water. It expands and increases in volume by one-eleventh. For example, 11 cubic feet of water will form about 12 cubic feet of ice. This expansion creates enough force to cause pipes and fittings to burst, valves to crack and sprinkler and pump cases to split open.

Quick Facts About Charlotte Irrigation Winterization  

  • Do not trust manual or automatic drain valves. Pressurized air should be used to blow out the system. 
  • Know the gallons per minutes that flow through each zone to determine the best sized compressor for your system. 
  • It is required to have a back-flow prevention device if your irrigation system is attached to your house's main water line. 
  • You should hire the seasoned professionals at Irrigation and Lighting Specialist to handle all of your Charlotte irrigation winterization needs! 
"It's important that you schedule your annual winterization shut-down as soon as possible," said Minor. "We usually begin winterizing systems in mid-November and appointments fill up fast."

To learn more about Charlotte irrigation winterization or to schedule an appointment, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or 803-831-0506 or email John. We look forward to helping prepare your irrigation system for the harsh winter ahead! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

'Tis the Season for Charlotte Holiday Lighting Service

Do you want to hear something that is scarier than anything you'll see this Halloween? Christmas is right around the corner, and it will be here before your Halloween sugar rush has the chance to wear off.

With Christmas only 75 days away, retail stores will be switching over from skeletons to Santa in the next few weeks, which means it is time to start thinking about holiday decorations. Instead of waiting until the last minute or laboring in the cold weather this season, how about trying something different and hiring a Charlotte holiday lighting service like Irrigation & Lighting Specialist. It will be the best gift you could give yourself all year!

"For years we have been decorating the Charlotte community with beautiful arrangements of lights and cheer," said John Minor of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "We have built a loyal client base who love our ability to create festive designs that compliments the beauty of their exteriors."

Professional Charlotte Holiday Lighting and Take Down

During the holiday season, people have enough on their plates. Between spending time with family, shopping crowded malls and other seasonal activities, who has time to pull out old lights and untangle them, much less climb a ladder and install them? Save the time and hassle this year and hire a professional. 

The Charlotte holiday lighting team at Irrigation and Lighting Specialist are trained to install and maintain your decorations. They will replace bulbs, repair any damage and do all the necessary wiring to ensure a safe and durable display. 

In addition to lighting, Irrigation and Lighting Specialist even handles all the other yard decorations. No need to wrestle with your over-sized snowman this year, our experts do it all. And, once the season has passed, they will even take down, wrap up and safely package your lights for storage. 

"As one of the top Charlotte holiday lighting services, we are able to draw from more than 26 years of experience in the field. We take care of everything, and we do it with professionalism," said Minor. "So instead of adding to the headache of the holiday season, leave the decorating to us." 

Holiday Lighting Process

We offer a free holiday decorating consultation with no obligation. We will discuss your decorating options and installation details. Once you have scheduled your consultation, we will begin the following process: 
  • A professional design consultant will meet with you to determine what will best suit your design needs. 
  • Our professional lighting technicians will install all of your holiday lights and decorations. 
  • Our lighting technicians will also complete any maintenance needed to ensure your display is working properly. 
  • After the holidays, we take the lights and decoratations down and prepare them for storage. 
To learn more about our Charlotte holiday lighting service or to schedule a free holiday decorating consultation, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or 803-831-0506, and you can also email John. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful holiday lighting display this year! 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Charlotte Outdoor Lighting Terminology

Charlotte outdoor lighting installations are popular projects during this time of year. Many people are trying to find new ways to add flair, flavor and function to the exteriors of their houses before the cold winter moves in. As with any project, research can come in handy.

"There are so many options to consider for Charlotte outdoor lighting installations," said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "It can be really helpful to look through magazines, websites and books to gather ideas and become inspired. It can open up a lot of possibilities and boost your creativity."

For research resources, be sure to check out our previous blog posts. They are loaded with information and tips!

Frequently Used Words in Charlotte Outdoor Lighting

As you are researching outdoor lighting installations, you may come across words and phrases that are confusing. As with any profession, outdoor lighting has its own lingo, and knowing that lingo can help you have a greater understanding of your next project.

Below are a few word definitions that are commonly used in outdoor lighting.

Adaptation - The process in which your eyes adjust to a change in light level. There is light adaptation and dark adaptation. Light adaptation is where your eyes adjust to brighter a scene and dark adaptation is where your eyes adjust to a darker scene. We reduce extreme adaptation so your outdoor lighting is more inviting and natural.

Diffused Light - Light that scatters in many directions and produces beams with soft edges. This effect can be accomplished by using techniques like frosted lenses or shading. We use diffused light to create exotic looks that highlight certain areas of your lawn.

Light Pollution - Excessive or obtrusive light that intrudes into unintended areas, like the inside of your home. This is a common problem with poorly installed and designed outdoor lighting schemes. To eliminate light pollution, we carefully design our lighting systems and use different effects and techniques to either reduce the amount of light or redirect it.

Luminance - The amount of light that is reflective off of different surfaces. For example, light is more reflective off of a white wall than it is a brick wall. We always consider luminance because it effects lighting patterns and could create unpleasant glares.

Visual Path - The path that your vision takes as it glances from one place to another. Visual paths often start and end at focal points. We use visual paths to create a natural transition throughout your exterior and to naturally highlight your landscape's beauty.

"It can be easy to get confused with some of the terminology that is used when researching outdoor lighting,"said Minor. "That's why we take the time to explain all the details to our customers in a way that is easy to understand. We want to make the installation process easy, while giving them plenty of options. The end result is an outdoor lighting design that is exactly what our customers envisioned."

To learn more about Charlotte outdoor lighting, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or 803-831-0506 or email John. We look forward to helping you obtain the outdoor lighting design of your dreams!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Successful Story of Charlotte Irrigation Installation

For more than 25 years, Irrigation and Lighting Specialist has provided elite solutions to the lawn irrigation needs of homeowners all over Charlotte. Over the years we have taken pride in helping our customers discover the numerous benefits of a Charlotte irrigation installation, and this summer was no different.

Meet the Limericks

The Limerick family moved to Charlotte from Phoenix, Arizona last winter. Like most Charlotte transplants, they fell in love with the weather and the natural beauty of the city. But, after settling in their home and enjoying a nice winter, the Limericks noticed a big difference in owning a home in the desert-like climate of Arizona and the milder climate of North Carolina, the lawn. 

"We didn't have a grassed lawn at our home in Phoenix, and I didn't know anything about maintaining a lawn before we moved," said Charlie Limerick. "I figured the grass just took care of itself, but I was obviously wrong." 

Once spring came around, the Limerick's green grass started to brown. After searching the web, visiting the local hardware store and asking his neighbor for advice, they still had no idea what was causing their lawn to look so unhealthy. That's when they decided to call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. 

Charlotte Irrigation Installation Saves the Day

After examining the Limericks' lawn, it became obvious that their grass was not getting enough water. There were several large trees throughout the lawn, and the grass underneath the trees weren't able to be properly hydrated, causing the grass to turn brown.

To fix the problem and to restore the health of their grass, the Limericks decided to get an irrigation system installed by the professionals at Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. The system that was installed was customized to the exact needs of their lawn, and the sprinkler heads were properly placed to ensure enough water was being disbursed under the trees. 

"I am really happy that I decided to call Irrigation and Lighting Specialist," said Charlie. "They made sure that my entire yard was getting the water coverage it needed to stay healthy. They even equipped my system with a smart controller, so the irrigation system practically runs itself. Now my lawn is the healthiest on the block."

To join the Limericks and to discover the advantages of a Charlotte irrigation installation, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 704-747-0235 or 803-831-0506 or email John. We look forward to adding you to our list of happy customers! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Charlotte Irrigation Installation: The Advantages of Drip Irrigation

In today's world, everyone is looking for something to make their lives easier. When we need information quickly, we use the internet. When we need to connect with someone, we use a cell phone, and when we need to find a destination, we use a GPS. But, what can we use to help with the maintenance of our lawns? The answer is simple, irrigation systems. 

Between work, children and a social life, the time it takes to properly maintain an attractive lawn is limited. It is hard to find the time to stand in our lawn with a hose everyday to make sure each plant is getting properly hydrated. That is one reason Charlotte irrigation installation has become so popular. It saves time and work, and the end results speak for themselves. 

Charlotte Irrigation Installation Trend

The latest trend in residential Charlotte irrigation installation is drip irrigation. It was mainly used for agriculture at one time, but due to its advantages, homeowners have caught on and started using drip irrigation as a secret weapon to water their plants and vegetation. 

"The highly unique and efficient design of drip irrigation systems have made it a powerful tool for Charlotte homeowners to capitalize on," said John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "It is a great tool that can be used to grow plants on any scale, and our customers love the convenience factor."

What is Drip Irrigation? 

A drip irrigation system consists of vinyl or polyethylene tubing that is installed between emitters that disburs water to the areas that need it. The emitters direct the water to the root systems without wasting water. By maintaining a water level that will keep your roots moist, your plants, crops and greenery will grow quicker and larger than with normal watering methods. 

Five Advantages of Charlotte Drip Irrigation Installation

In addition to drip irrigation's highly effective watering methods, it also provides the following advantages: 
  1. Accuracy - The emitters of your drip irrigation system are used to determine how much water is released and where. You won't have to worry about overspray or flooding. Your drip irrigation system will be designed to deliver the right amount of water to the most effective watering locations.
  2. Reduces Diseases - Diseases are more prevalent when water sits on top of leaves or foliage. Since your drip irrigation system will direct water to the roots, you will decrease the incidence of diseases, which means your plants have a greater chance of living longer. 
  3. Time Saver - Your drip irrigation system will take care of all your watering needs and reduces the amount of time your plants need to be watered. You will no longer have to spend hours every week trying to evenly water all of your plants. 
  4. Efficiency - Because drip irrigation systems use less water than other methods of irrigation, they can be up to 90-percent more efficient. Since you won't be wasting water, you will save on your water bill and help the environment. 
  5. Versatility - Your drip irrigation system can be customized with safety valves, lateral tubes and pumps that can be tailored to fit your exact needs. Additionally, you will not be required to level terrain to install your system. A drip irrigation system can practically be designed to go anywhere and water anything.
"We have installed a lot of drip irrigation systems for our customers, and they consider it an investment," said Minor. "Because of the time and money they will save in the long run, the system pretty much pays for itself. Not to mention, your plants will be healthier than ever."

To learn more about drip irrigation or to schedule an appointment, call John Minor with Irrigation Lighting and Specialist at 803-831-0506 or 704-747-0235 or email John. We look forward to showing you how our Charlotte irrigation installation can help save you time, money
and the hassle of a hose! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall for Charlotte Irrigation Installations this Season

Fall is right around the corner. In addition to football, colored leaves and pumpkin flavored treats, the season is also the best time to plant grass and to get a Charlotte irrigation installation.

"It is a common misconception that spring or summer is the ideal time to address the needs of your lawn," said John Minor, owner of Irrigation Lighting Specialist. "In actuality, the late summer and fall months are the best. Months like September and October present the best growing conditions for your grass." 

This time of the year brings a combination of conditions that are ideal for your grass. You get cooler temperatures, plenty of sunshine, the soil is warm enough to germinate grass seeds and the cool air promotes a strong root system. With the help of an adequate irrigation system, the work you put into your lawn will really pay off in the spring.

The Right Way to Irrigate Your Lawn

While taking advantage of this growing time, it is important to remember to hydrate your lawn. Whether you are planting seed to thicken your current lawn or planting a new patch of grass, water is essential to any growing process. To ensure your irrigating you are lawn correctly, here are a few tips. 
  • Watering Basics - Water is one of the most important factors to a healthy lawn, but too much or too little can harm it. You want deep, infrequent waterings that get into the root zone. As a rule of thumb, water at least half an inch twice a week.  
  • Best Time to Water - Early in the morning is the perfect time to water Charlotte lawns. There's less wind, less heat and your lawn has a full day to dry. Watering at night invites mildew and fungus, and watering in the hot afternoon can cause you to lose the majority of your water to evaporation.
  • Use the Screwdriver Test - You can water carefully and properly, but if the water isn't being absorbed, your efforts are wasted. One way to tell if your water is being absorb properly is by testing it. Stick an 8-inch screw driver into the ground after you water it. If you are able to stick it in effortlessly around 6-inches, you are providing enough water. 
  • Head-to-Head Coverage - An irrigation system that is properly designed should provide water coverage that overlaps. The water distributed from your sprinkler heads should reach the heads across and beside them. This reduces water wastage and helps your lawn get enough water. Hiring a professional for a lawn irrigation installation is the best way to ensure that this is properly done. 
  • Be Accurate - How do you know how much you've watered? You can equip your irrigation system with a smart irrigation controller. This device automatically determines when your yard will be watered, how long it will be watered for and it automatically cuts your system off it it rains. Installing a smart irrigation controller is the easiest way to manage your lawn. 
"While the temperatures during this time of the year are ideal for planting grass, September tends to be one of the dryer months in the Charlotte region," said Minor. "Since there usually isn't a lot of rainfall, it is important to have a professional irrigation company install an irrigation system to help your grass grow to its fullest potential." 

To learn more about proper lawn irrigation or to schedule an appointment, call John Minor with Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. Let us help you with your Charlotte irrigation installation so you can enjoy a heathy lawn in the spring! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Common Lawn Irrigation Mistakes Made By New Homeowners

Buying a new home is a very exciting time in someone's life. The chance to capture the American dream and have a place of your own is a huge accomplishment, but it is also a huge responsibility. It isn't uncommon for new homeowners to feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the magnitude of work it can take to properly maintain a house.

One common factor that is overlooked when buying a house is the amount of work and money that can go into maintaining a healthy lawn, and the bigger the yard - the more responsibility. Additionally, many new homeowners take over a new yard, but don't know how to maintain it. Since your yard is one of the most visible aspects of your newly acquired property, it is very important that it stays healthy and hydrated. To do this, there are some common lawn irrigation mistakes you'll need to avoid.  

"A lot more goes into maintaining a lawn than just cutting the grass," says John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "In order to have that lush lawn, you have to properly practice lawn irrigation, which is more than just spraying a hose over some grass." 

Avoid These Common Lawn Irrigation Mistakes

  • Watering at the Wrong Times - You may have seen your neighbor kick on his lawn irrigation system during the middle of the day, but this isn't ideal. Every above ground irrigation system can have its watering patterns altered by wind, and when does wind blow the most? During daylight hours. It is also warmer during the day, which increases evaporation rates. If you water during the day, chances are you are wasting water and not watering your grass throughly. The best time to run your lawn irrigation system is during the early dawn hours or right before dusk. 
  • Over Watering - Be careful not to overwater your lawn. This is commonly done when you are watering with a hose or if you have different types of irrigation heads in the same irrigation zone watering at the same time. This basically means you have different sources shooting water in the same area. Over watering your lawn can smoother your grass, create flooding and lead to an expensive water bill. Try placing your sprinkler heads in locations that will prevent overlapping water. Hiring a lawn irrigation professional to map out your system is the best way to address this issue. 
  • Watering Shrubs and Plants - You may think it is just quicker and easier to water your shrubs and plants with the same lawn irrigation system you water your grass with, but you are wrong. It is important to irrigate grass areas separately from your shrubs and garden beds. Virtually all of your common landscaping plants (trees, shrubs and ground covers) have vastly larger root systems that your grass. This means your plants generally require half as much water than your local grass. 
  • Overspraying - When you install your lawn irrigation system and the sprinkler head throws water outside of the landscaped area (onto sidewalks, driveways, neighbor's property or on the side of the house), you are wasting a lot of water. Just one half circle head could easily waste the same amount of water that there is in an average spa or hot tub in one year. Having your sprinkler heads professionally relocated is a quick fix for this problem. 
  • Creating Runoffs - Certain areas of your lawn might have compacted soil. This condition can cause water to run-off onto sidewalks or driveways without giving it enough time to seep into the soil. Installing a smart controller with multiple programs and start times allows for shorter, precise periods of watering, which prevents runoff. A high-quality rotary nozzles can also help by delivering water at even and slower rates, so the moisture can penetrate the soil. 
"Properly irrigating your lawn can seem like a huge burden, but once you have everything set up correctly and a routine - the rewards are huge," says Minor. "Hiring a professional to come in and asses  your lawn irrigation needs is the best way to ensure that you avoid the common mistakes of lawn irrigation. It is also the best way to guarantee your new home is dressed with a beautiful lawn." 

To learn more about common lawn irrigation mistakes, or to schedule an appointment, call John Minor at Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. We love helping new homeowners and veteran homeowners create a healthy lawn they can be proud of! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Smart Lawn Irrigation Systems: Technologies that Use Water Efficiently

July is Smart Irrigation Month, and the start of summer is a great time to improve the efficiency of your irrigation system. There are many smart technologies available that will allow you to maintain beautiful landscapes while maximizing water efficiency.

"Going green has never been easier than with an irrigation system that uses water-saving technology," says John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialists. "The advances in irrigation technology has been great to see, and it has done a lot for water conservation efforts. In addition to protecting the environment, these devices also help save you money by reducing your water bill."

Water Saving Devices for your Irrigation System 

If you are interested in saving water and money, here are some devices that can help: 
  • Rain/Freeze Senors - These devices prevent irrigation systems from running when it is raining and right after excessive when irrigation is unnecessary. They also have the ability to stop irrigation when temperatures approach freezing to prevent ice on landscapes and hardscapes. These devices can reduce water usage up to 35 percent and help extend your irrigation system's life. 
  • Weather-based Controllers - These types of smart controllers can automatically adjust your watering schedule based on local weather conditions. Some even factor in your exact landscaping needs based on the type of plant life you have. The water savings from this device can be substantial, and the convenience of these self-adjusting controllers is a gift in itself. 
  • Sensor-based Controllers - These smart controllers rely on soil moisture sensors that are placed below your lawn in the root zones to determine if and how long to water. Soils may be maintained between lower and upper target-moisture levels for optimal plant health. Water-based and sensor-based controllers are available as stand-alone controllers or as an add-on to existing controllers. Each has been shown to reduce irrigation water usage up to 70 percent. 
  • Pressure Regulation - All irrigation systems operate best at a certain water pressure. Using the ideal pressure allows water distribution to be uniform over the target area. That allows shorter run times for your irrigation system. Reducing high pressure also eliminates problems like misting sprinklers and potential irrigation system damage. For every 5-point reduction in water pressure, you use 6 to 8 percent less water. Those savings can add up quickly. Water pressure regulators are easily added to valves to control a whole irrigation zone or added to individual sprinklers. 
  • Low Precipitation Rate Nozzles - Many quality sprinkler nozzles on the market today use lower precipitation rates to reduce run-off. They also improve water distribution uniformity, which is very important when trying to reduce watering run times. 
  • Drip Irrigation - These systems are very different from the traditional pop-up irrigation systems. Rather than spraying wide areas, they generally utilize point emitters to deliver the desired amount of water to particular locations near plant root zones. Water drips slowly from emitters, either onto the soil surface or below ground. Less water is lost to wind and evaporation as a result, and weeds can be reduced. Drip irrigation systems are very water-efficent and customizable for different plants in a small area. 
"All of these water-efficient products can reduce water use and your water bills without sacrificing plant and landscape health," says Minor. "You can still enjoy all the benefits associated with attractive and enjoyable landscapes while helping conserve a precious natural resource." 

To learn more about water-saving irrigation system features, or to schedule an appointment, call John Minor at Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. We love helping our customers reach the state of a healthy, vibrant lawn while saving water and money!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Light Up the Night With These Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

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There is something special about owning a beautiful yard. Its charm welcomes you home. Its serenity tucks you in at night, and with the right outdoor landscape lighting - its style can set you apart.

Finding the right outdoor lighting technique for your outdoor space is more complicated than it may seem. It is more than just mounting a light over your porch or hanging a few lanterns. It takes creativity and craftsmanship. When outdoor landscape lighting is done correctly, it can unlock a world of potential and enchantment.

"When it comes to outdoor landscape lighting, there are tons of possibilities," says John Minor, owner of Irrigation & Lighting Specialist. "The key is to combine your personal tastes and try to extend it a little. Push yourself to think outside of the box. Before you know it, you will have an original design that will be the talk of the neighborhood."

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas

Each yard has its own potential and its own charming attributes that need to be highlighted. Here are some ideas that you can use to find an outdoor landscaping design that is perfect for your yard. 

  • Creating Shadows - With the right placement of your lighting, you can create shadows that are just as interesting as the lighting. One way you can do this is by placing your lights close to the foundation of your house or a feature you wish to highlight. The light will catch the edges and create an intricate shadow pattern. 
  • Creating a Silhouette - With a mix of down and up lights, you can create a warm bath of light on your house that will show off its detail and beauty. Try adding light to the chimneys, dormers and surrounding trees to broaden your houses sense of space. 
  • Creating Dramatic Doors - Instead of hanging a spotlight over your front door, try placing the lights behind pillars or off to the side. This will generate a sense of drama for the front door, especially if you have a narrow porch. If you have a wooden door that is dark, an amber lens in the light will make the door look even richer. 
  • Cool Lighting - As far as outdoor lighting goes, moonlight is by far one of the most welcoming. To simulate moonlight, try using a softer, bluer lighting source. This can be accomplished by using a lighting source with a color temperature of 5500 kelvins. Doing this will create a soft, relaxing touch. 
  • Adding Color and Texture - Path lights are visual aids in dark spaces, but they can also be used to add color and texture near interesting landscaping features. 
  • Mix Styles- Take a walk on the wild side and try mixing up the styles of your lighting sources. Using different styles of path lights can change things up and provide an interesting flow to your yard. 
  • Creating Dark Parameters - Less is usually more when it comes to outdoor landscape lighting. Try offset lights and make sure there is enough distance between them so you can lead the eye naturally through your landscape. After all, you are trying to add tranquial nuances in your yard, not land a plane.

Outdoor Lighting installations 877-433-5833
"We take a different approach to outdoor landscape lighting than most companies," says Minor. "Our outdoor lighting designs focuses on what kind of lighting best matches the landscaping and beauty of your home, not just how you will use your home when the sun goes down. We feel that your outdoor landscape lighting should be more than a source of light; it should be a source of beauty and add style to your house." 

To get more outdoor landscape lighting ideas for your home, or to schedule an appointment, call John Minor at Irrigation and Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. We love helping our customers unlock the potential of their home's yard and giving them an outdoor lighting style all of their own!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Be Smart with Smart Lawn Irrigation

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The month of July is usually associated with sunshine, hot temperatures and blue skies. But so far, the month has been full of thunderstorms, flooding and almost-daily showers. The Charlotte region has already had almost 50-percent of its expected monthly rainfall, and we are only in the second week.

Due to the above-average rainfall, several homeowners have had to deal with flooded lawns and inadequate lawn irrigation. July also happens to be Smart Irrigation Month, making it the perfect time to explore ways to avoid flooding, save money, reduce water consumption and have a healthier lawn.

"When homeowners think of lawn irrigation companies, they usually only associate us with installing irrigation systems to keep their lawn hydrated, but we really do a lot more than that," says John Minor, owner of Irrigation and Lighting Specialist. "Our job and our goal is to promote a healthy lawn that you can be proud of, and this includes making sure your lawn isn't over-watered or flooded. We also want to make maintaining your green spaces easy and convenient."

Homeowners typically overwater their lawns, unintentionally wasting money every time they take out the hose or turn on the sprinklers. This is especially true during rainy weather. Irrigation and Lighting Specialist, a leader in smart water-saving practices, is delivering real results by following these smart lawn irrigation practices:
  • Helping customers identify and maintain low water landscapes that will thrive in our climate and site conditions. 
  • Installing new irrigation systems that use real-time weather data and soil moisture sensors to automatically adjust water to meet plant needs. 
  • Using low volume micro-irrigation to precisely apply small amounts of water to gardens, trees and shrubs, minimizing evaporation and waste. 
  • Retrofitting existing systems with rain sensors that prevent watering in rainy weather. 
  • Helping customers program automatic controllers to comply with community water restrictions while extracting maximum benefit from every drop of water. 
  • Auditing irrigation systems to make sure water is being used effectively and making necessary adjustments.  

Smart Lawn Irrigation with Irrigation Smart Controllers

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One of the best ways to practice smart lawn irrigation is through the technology of an irrigation smart controller. The installation of this device can help you save up to 60-percent on water, which means a lower water bill for you and a healthier environment for future generations. 

Using the Irrigation Smart Controllers is easy. All you do is input your zip code, desired watering schedule and your soil type, and the controller does the rest! You will never have to worry about your lawn irrigation system kicking on while it is raining or when you lawn doesn't need the extra water. 

"In a recent project, we helped a Charlotte homeowner install an irrigation smart controller on an existing irrigation system, and they were more than pleased with the results," says Minor. "They were amazed by how easy it was to maintain their yard. It is incredible to have access to devices that make lawn irrigation so easy for busy homeowners." 

To learn more about smart practices for lawn irrigation or to schedule an appointment, call John Minor at Irrigation Lighting Specialist at 877-433-5833 or email John. Just because it has been rainy doesn't mean you have to settle for a flooded yard! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Irrigation Repair: Avoiding a Slow Flow

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On average, July is the hottest month of the year in Charlotte. As hotter temperatures make their way into our region, the possibility of dryer conditions increase, which means your irrigation system needs to be in tip-top shape to handle its potential workload.

By now you've probably had the opportunity to run your irrigation system a few times, giving you time to discover any damages or issues that can result in subpar performances. Now is the time to address these issues with an irrigation repair service.

"Failing to address problems in your irrigation system will only harm you in the long-run," says John Minor, owner of Irrigation & Lighting Specialists. "We have seen it far too often. Either the damages result in a series of expensive water bills due to wasted water from leaks, or a drought comes and the lawn's health suffers from inadequate hydration. Repairing your irrigation system will end up saving a lot of headaches and money."

Common Irrigation Repairs and Adjustments 

Below are just a few of the most common irrigation repairs and adjustments we perform:
  • Broken Equipment - One of the leading causes in water leakage occurs from broken equipment. If you are experiencing leaking water, resulting in runoffs, you could have a broken sprinkler head, valve or lateral and main line. The equipment can be replaced or repaired, but repairing broken valves and water lines requires professional assistance. 
  • Tilted or Sunken Heads - Over time, sprinkler heads settle and tilt due to natural compaction of soil, foot traffic and lawn maintenance. This frequently causes uneven distribution of water resulting in brown spots, misting and runoffs. Attaching a swing joint to the sprinkler head is a great way to fix the issue and prevent it from reoccurring. 
  • Mixed Zones - Mixed zones exist when both rotor and fixed spray heads operate together on a given area. Correctly realigning the sprinkler heads will help you avoid flooding and excessively dry areas. We also recommend sticking with one head type in a given zone. 
  • Blocked Heads - When the spray pattern from a sprinkler head is being blocked, water is not going where it should. Blockage can be caused by overgrowth of vegetation, low-lying branches or inappropriate placement of the sprinkler head. You will need to trim-back vegetation or move the head to a better location. 
  • No Check Valves - Without check valves, water may drain out of sprinkler heads that are at lower elevation after they have been cut off. Check valves lock water in the lateral line and result in quicker start up times and no runoffs after the system shuts off. 
  • Clogged Nozzles - A clogged nozzle is caused by debris in the system getting stuck in the nozzle or the filter of the spray head. Common clogs are caused by dirt, sand, roots and plastic and result in uneven distribution of water and brown spots. Cleaning or replacing the filter should resolve the issue. 
  • Overspray - When heads are improperly placed and spend more time watering streets, sidewalks or fences, you are experiencing overspray. You end up paying for this in terms of money and runoffs. This can be fixed by maintaining appropriate system pressure and relocating the sprinkler heads. 
Professional Irrigation Repair 877-433-5833

"What seems like a small problem or a minor inconvenience can quickly turn into an irrigation nightmare," says Minor. "It is best to quickly address these problems with the help of a certified irrigation professional. This ensures you are getting quality work with a focus on efficiency and water conservation. Routine inspection, testing and maintenance can also add years to your irrigation system. "

To learn more about our irrigation repair service, or to schedule a free consultation, call John Minor of Irrigation & Lighting Specialists at 877-433-5833 or email John. No matter how hot it gets this summer, let us help you make sure your irrigation system is working at the peak of its performance!